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About Us


Welcome to Portobello!

Introducing Susan & Hannah. 

Susan and I, are a mother and daughter duo, who took over at Portobello in August 2017 because we wanted to share our love of feeding people with the food we love to cook. 

Susan, mum, has been cooking for many years, feeding the family, friends, hosting parties and so has a fine repertoire of recipes under her belt. Having her own cafe was something she used to talk about with her own mum, Babs, and now finally she's living the dream! 

I grew up surrounded by good food and feasting and unavoidably developed an interest in food and cooking. I've worked in a number of local independent food businesses and hosted a ski chalet for a season in the French Alps. It is often me who leads the team in Portobello on a daily basis. 

 Our mornings are spent baking cakes and our legendary sausage rolls,  roasting meats, preparing seasonal soups and salads ready to takeaway come lunchtime and satisfy the heartiest of appetites. Customer's favourites are roast chicken sandwiches, frittata and salad, and the famed sausage rolls! Not forgetting the chocolate tiffin of course! 

In addition, we prepare home cooked meals for you to enjoy at home as well as a bespoke catering service for all kinds of events such as business meetings, dinner parties, family gatherings and weddings. 

We look forward to welcoming you in Portobello!

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